Saturday 1/12 - Sunday 1/13, 2019

SRO is pleased to present a winter workshop for violin students of all levels. (There will be a 2020 winter workshop for cello/classical guitar/piano!) Special guests include renowned clinicians Kimberly Meier-Sims, Pamela Reit and Edmund Sprunger. Enrollment is also open to students outside of SRO who are studying with a Suzuki method private teacher.


The following classes will be offered (students may register for as many or as few as they wish):

  • Master Class: 2 to 4 students in an hour

  • Private Lesson: 1 student

  • Group Class: 8-16 students (Books 1-6)

  • Performance Class: 8 students (Books 7 and above)

  • Fiddle Class with Beth Vojtisek: 8-16 students

  • Improv Class with Leslie DeShazor Adams: 8-16 students

  • Voice for Violin Class with Ashley Nelson: 8-16 students
    (Learn singing techniques to help with overall musicality)


All classes and lessons will take place from Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon, based on enrollment and individual student schedules.

Pricing and Registration

For more information on class pricing, you can refer to our Winter Workshop Flyer.

When you are ready to enroll, please click on the Online Registration Link.

Guest Clinicians

Kimberly Meier-Sims.jpg

Kimberly Meier-Sims

Cleveland, OH

Pamela Reit.jpg

Pamela Reit

Burlington, VT

Edmund Sprunger.jpg

Edmund Sprunger

St Louis, MO