From the very first Twinkle, we begin with the end in mind.  One of the rewards for diligent practice is the opportunity to join the SRO Tour Group, which over the years has performed in 14 different European countries, and in US venues around the Midwest, across New England, and at Disney World.  In 2018 the Tour Group took the stage at Carnegie Hall for a return engagement and an experience of a lifetime, and they have been invited for a Summer 2020 performance tour of Italy, including appearances at international festivals in Florence, Venice and Rome.

Weekly rehearsals and year-round performing keep this group playing Suzuki favorites, outside repertoire, and special arrangements at an extremely high level.  Younger students are thrilled to watch the Tour Group perform under the direction of Executive Director, Mark Mutter, and are thereby inspired to reach for the stars themselves.  And so the cycle continues.

As our Guitar and Piano programs continue to mature, programs are developing for advanced students in these instruments to have unique opportunities for ensemble experience as well.