Signup for Rehearsal with Accompanist - Spring Recitals 2018

This text explains an overview of who needs to sign up (violin, viola cello students), and for how long ( either book 1-3 or 4-5 or master class - what level of viola cello are in master class?), and which dates/times are generally available...

Need to check:

how easy the signup is for users (pretty easy, and they don't have to create an account if they don't want to!),
whether they get confirmation - (yes they do),
get a reminder (yes, currently email for 72 and then 2 hours before appt),
and how easily they and we can make changes and receive confirmation of changes, i.e. to consolidate Megan's schedule or adjust an incorrect signup - (very easy for both us and them, and everyone gets a confirmation email)


For Violin/Viola/Cello Book 1-3


For Violin/Viola/Cello Book 4-5


Master Class -
For Violin/Viola/Cello Book 6 and Up