Spring Solo Recitals

Twice a year, we create a positive environment for all students to share a solo with friends and family.  Even the earliest beginners will share a demonstration of what they have learned so far, with fellow students and teachers at their side.  Because of the number of families in the program, these recitals are divided into multiple events approximately one hour in length. 

30 Day Practice A Thon - "Bee" Amazing! Starts: March 29th!

Recital Schedule

Saturday April 28 - Our Shepherd Lutheran Church

2:00 pm - Students of Ms.Merritt, Mrs. DeLisle and Mr. d'Allemand
3:30 pm - Students of Mr. Martin, Mr. Mutter and Mrs. Clarke
5:00 pm - Students of Mrs. Emberton and Mr. DiMambro
6:30 pm - Overflow Concert - please email Mr. Mutter at mmutter@suzukiroyaloak.org if you can not make your teacher's recital options.

Sunday April 29 - Our Shepherd Lutheran Church

2:00 pm - Students of Mr. Mutter, Mr. d'Allemand and Ms. Merritt
3:30 pm - Students of Mrs. DeLisle, Ms. Flanigan and Mr. d'Allemand
5:00 pm - Students of Mr. Mutter,  Mrs. Vojtisek and Mr. Martin
6:30 pm - Students of Mrs. Emberton, Mr. DiMambro and Mr. Yim



Our Shepherd Lutheran Church

2225 E 14 Mile Road
Birmingham, MI, 48009