Board of Directors

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Suzuki Royal Oak is governed by a Board of Directors which meets quarterly.  Inquiries related to Board business may be directed to Board President, George Palomino Blower


George Palomino Blower

Elena Bogliani

Dante Espiritu

Mark Mutter
Executive Director

Anita Springer

Parimal Tathavadekar

Beth Vojtisek
Faculty Liaison



When love is deep, much can be accomplished!
— Shinichi Suzuki

Letter from the President

This is one of my favorite quotes of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, who is the founder of the musical instruction method known as the Suzuki method.  

This simple quote offers insight into the genius of the Suzuki method, and by extension, what makes Suzuki Royal Oak such a special place.

Ultimately, it is the love of the parents, teachers, and students that has allowed Suzuki Royal Oak to grow from the basement of Executive Director/Founder Mark Mutter's home to its current independent building & beyond. The SRO Tour Group has traveled the globe, including: Finland, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Greece. In the Spring of 2018, our students performed a repeat engagement at Carnegie Hall in New York City!

At SRO, you will find close-knit families who are deeply dedicated to providing their children the unique educational opportunities afforded by SRO, and are committed to the daily practice that the Suzuki method requires - another Dr. Suzuki quote is "Practice every day that you eat!"

You will find experienced teachers who are not only highly skilled experts in their craft but passionate about sharing their expertise with your child. 

Finally, SRO is full of students who will not only amaze you with their talent and poise, but are also broadly successful, as the skills learned at SRO enable them to succeed in many academic and extracurricular endeavors.  

My wife and I see the tremendous impact SRO has had on our daughter. She has not only gained a love of music and made great SRO friends, but also developed discipline and poise from SRO, which are skills that will carry her through life.   

I highly encourage you to consider enrolling your child in SRO, as I believe it will be one of the best decisions you will make for your child and for your family! 



George Palomino Blower

President, Board of Directors
Suzuki Royal Oak Institute of Music